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Figment Design Laboratories (Pty) Ltd, or FDL, is a dynamic company focused on providing specialized solutions to ensure long-term success for our customers. In fact, at FDL, we view our customers as business partners, and by forming long-term relationships with our partners, we in turn ensure our success.
The following list illustrates the impact that FDL has made on the market:

  • Medical Healthcare Services
  • Xpay
  • Engen Petroleum
  • Shell
  • Virtual Voucher
  • NamITech
  • Complete communication system for XLink
  • Backend Server for Finmon
  • Forecourt Services Controller
  • Apron Control at Johannesburg Airport and Cape Town Harbour
  • Interactive Kiosks for cellFservice
  • Thin client for Bryant Technology
  • Tracking System
  • Telly-Fun Quiz
  • Disposable electronic detonator- Altech Mining
  • Smart Card technology
  • Miscellaneous contract work in the I.T industry.

Our Services

Transaction Processing. Examples of transaction processing that FDL has been involved in include:
  • Petrol pump control
  • Credit card processing
  • Prepaid token management
Communication Development. FDL has been running screens on Telly-Fun Quiz, been responsible for radio switching at airports and harbours, controlling petrol pump interfaces, and more recently providing GSM based communication solutions in the banking, alarm and oil industry.

Embedded Systems Design. FDL is involved in developing solutions - from small 8 bit microprocessors of less than 1KB RAM, to 32-bit ARM CPUs running Linux. We are committed to the entire product cycle, from conceptualizing hardware design, firmware, application software to product enclosure. Of course, we remain involved until the post Pilot phase of any project. Markets that we have been involved in, range in diversity from vehicle tracking and TV quiz shows to ATMs and Harbour communication systems.

Our Partners

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